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Accelerate time-to-value, right-size the system for each specific installation, and validate the business case easier, faster, and better than ever before.

Modern energy storage system at a clean microgrid

The explosive growth in energy storage is just starting

The tools you need to accelerate your business case

Leverage the data you already have to build a better, more robust understanding of each potential ESS installation. Leverage our easy-to-use cloud-based simulation tools to accurately and robustly understand each potential energy storage use-case.

What system capacity is right for each potential installation?

An ESS is an expensive, long-term investment. This makes it critical to right-size the energy storage system from the beginning – avoiding additional retrofitting or system over-sizing.

What are the potential risks to future revenues?

Understanding value and risk is essential to enabling bankable ESS installations. Our platform enables more robust understanding of the sensitivities and risks earlier in your decision process, enabling up-front system optimization.

What services should the system provide to maximize the value-add?

We help our customers understand what drives their cost and needs today and how an ESS can help solve this. By understanding the optimized value stack in advance, returns are not only improved but the business case itself becomes more robust.

Export actionable insights

Accelerate your decisionmaking today and enable smarter energy storage deployment. Our software and consulting services accelerate your time-to-value and enable improved returns and bankability.

The platform automatically generates reports that integrate into – and accelerate – existing workflows

Forecast revenues and test future assumptions

Geniess enables you to visualize how your ESS installations can generate revenue, including peak-shaving, arbitrage, local backup, and other services tailored for your specific utility & regulatory context

Generate granular pictures of potential operation

Understand how different algorithmic approaches impact both the business case and the end-user across a wide range of generated and user-defined scenarios.

Understand the robustness of each business case

Bankability starts with understanding risks and return potential. The Geniess software enables you deeper, more nuanced understanding of potential and probable economic outcomes.

We enable better distributed energy storage

The future growth of energy storage will be defined by getting things right – the right end-use installations, the right system selection, and the right algorithmic operation. Geniess iteratively tests this arrangement ensuring you get these right the first time. This is critical in ensuring your energy storage investments are bankable before the investment decision is made.

This matters because accelerating these capital-intensive investment requires better understanding of the future revenue risks.

Today, the market for battery energy storage is in rapid growth driven by falling prices and advancing innovation. In an attempt to enter a new field of renewable technology, many companies struggle to clearly answer the question of the right battery and to what degree the investment is profitable.

That is why we are building Geniess. We are here to help companies make data-backed decisions to ensure profitability and bankability in their energy storage & microgrid investments.

Technology agnostic ensure you reach the solution that works best for you

Whether it is NMC, LFP, or vanadium flow batteries; or even H2 or A-CAES, our software enables optimization & revenue benchmarking most major ESS technologies. The Geniess platform helps you understand the optimal way to operate the ESS and its forecast associated savings and revenue.

We help enable battery developers and integrators to accelerate their business and enhance their value-add

Geniess is fast and easy to use, enabling proactive identification of the right end users.

Match the ideal system faster than ever with our right-sizing tools.

Generate a quantified value-add based in granular simulation & include different control strategies.

Our iterative, cloud-based simulation tools automatically test edge-cases and risks, helping you find a bankable, robust solution for every end user.

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Better decision-making matters

Our platform enables better understanding of the business case & performance of energy storage assets earlier in the decision process. We enable developers to accelerate their business and improve project returns.

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