Bespoke analysis services

Our analysis services leverage our cutting-edge analysis tools to address your specific challenges in energy storage & microgrid development. We support portfolio evaluation & prioritization, business case optimization & benchmarking, site selection, and improved understanding of the system impact and savings.

Geniess takes a customer-first approach to help you supercharge your energy storage development by enabling easier, faster and better decision-making.

Energy storage consulting services accelerate a greener global power system

Geniess analysis services include:

Business case benchmarking & optimization

Struggling to make the economics work for a specific installation? Need a sense-check from what suppliers have quoted? Explore the options to best understand potential operation in advance of your investment decision!

System simulation & impact assessment

How will an installation work with the rest of your power system and how does your choice of control strategies & priorities influence this? We can help you get a better understanding, earlier, of where your risks & opportunities are.

Risk modeling & sensitivity testing

One of the greatest uncertainties in energy storage investments is the future market. Contact us to iteratively test operation & get a nuanced understanding of what outcomes are probable and how your decisions today might influence future revenue.

Portfolio prioritization & evaluation

Have more than one installation in mind? Evaluate dozens or hundreds of potential installations to find out what installations make the most sense, where to prioritize future installations, and where your portfolio risk lies.

We’re here to help you find the right BESS & microgrid configuration for every case.

Geniess combines leading expertise in batteries and software to enable better decision making for energy storage system developers in an increasingly complex power & grid services market. By leveraging the Geniess cloud-based analysis tools, we offer unique insights into future value & risk by enabling clients to manage risk, understand the value-stack and secure bankability. Our business-case centric approach ensures that your bottom line is always prioritized.

Get unique insight into the profitability of each ESS investment

Conclusions based on averages or Excel are not precise enough to secure bankability. Aggregate numbers are not useful when evaluating prospects for energy storage, because identical buildings can have completely different energy usage.

Geniess helps our clients understand how their consumption drives costs today, how different ESS or microgrid arrangements might impact their consumption, and how to optimize the overall system to ensure a robust understanding of the future cost- and profit-drivers of their power systems.

For industrial facilities or property developers with specific objectives in mind, our consulting services can help understand how the right control strategies can prioritize what matters most – and what the economic impact will look like. Local backup services & UPS functionality, peak shaving and grid tariff avoidance, and enabling voluntary disconnection are all emerging use cases that can generate significant value in the right circumstances.

For battery energy storage & microgrid developers, we can benchmark ESS technologies and control strategies to help you understand how you can provide the most value to your customers – and help you understand who the right customers for your systems are in advance, accelerating project development and sales and enhancing your ability to deploy.

Geniess is here to help​

Our services help energy storage developers identify the right customers, right-size battery storage installations, and optimize the overall business case & system configuration.

Geniess extensive experience with Energy Storage Systems helps your company launch projects of any scale

One of the core capabilities which separates Geniess from other software tools and companies is the integrated work-flow and system level configurations.

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