Geniess was founded in 2021 with a simple mission: To enable 24/7 clean electrification via accelerating distributed energy storage.

Energy storage is increasingly becoming an essential part of our energy system. From ensuring that variable renewable energy, such as solar and wind, can produce when consumers need it most to unlocking new forms of electrification, such as fast chargers for cars and even electric ferries. Energy storage forms the keystone of a complete clean electrified energy system. However, problems remain that slow adoption & deployment of energy storage.

Geniess was founded on the belief that better modeling can be used to understand & optimize the business case of a battery storage developer, enabling more profitable projects & accelerated adoption. Geniess combines world-leading expertise in batteries and software to enable better decision making and faster decarbonization.

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Our software helps energy storage developers identify the right customers, right-size battery storage installations, and optimize the overall business case & system configuration. This means their clients can make battery decisions easier, faster and more profitable – meaning more positive investment decisions and tangible bottom-line impact.


We accelerate the the energy storage revolution by enabling better decision making for battery storage developers

The rapid decrease in costs of energy storage systems has made them more relevant than ever as part of our future energy system. However, with their versatility comes significant complexity. Geniess makes it easy to understand the economic potential of energy storage & microgrid investments; forecasting revenue, understanding the potential value stack, and modeling economic risk. This ensures these projects are bankable & value-adding earlier in the decision process.

Our team

Our shared values and beliefs feed our mission of accelerating the battery energy storage transition. Our team is building leading expertise in batteries and software. Together we inspire, support and set each other up for success.

Kai Erspamer
CEO, Co-Founder
Kai has spent almost a decade working with energy systems, digital projects, and the energy transition as part of the corporate strategy & innovation team at Equinor as well as at Capgemini Invent.
Odd Cappelen
CTO, Co-Founder
Odd is a full-stack developer and AI specialist with experience from BearingPoint and Microsoft. As CTO Odd is driving the development and testing of the Geniess software platform.
Jacob Hadler-Jacobsen
Senior Battery Scientist
Jacob focuses on modeling battery behavior and degradation. He has a PhD in computational modeling of battery chemistry and an MSc in chemical engineering and materials science focusing on the renewable energy sector.
Chad Delrose
Chad has over a decade of experience in management consulting, finance, and M&A as part of Accenture. Chad was formerly deputy CFO for Accenture West in the United States.
Nafisa Sharif
Senior Data Scientist
Nafisa has worked across industries in the UK & Europe, leveraging AI & data science to solve tough, real-world challenges.  She graduated with a Master of Science in Chemical Physics from UCL, followed by studies in the Machine Learning Research Group at Oxford University.
Mulugeta Amare
Senior Power Market & Grid Analyst
Mulugeta has deep experience with long- and short-term power market forecasting from his former role at Refinitiv (part of the London Stock Exchange Group). With a Master of Science in Electric Power Engineering, Mulugeta brings strong experience connecting the economic systems behavior with the physical operation of the electricity system itself.

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