Geniess enables simpler, faster, and better energy storage investment decisions

Our software helps battery storage system developers identify the right customers, right-size battery storage installations, and optimize the overall business case & system configuration. This means their clients can make battery decisions easier, faster and more profitable – meaning more positive investment decisions and tangible bottom-line impact.

Better decisionmaking Matters

We’re here to enable better distributed energy storage

Our platform enables better understanding of the business case & performance of energy storage assets earlier in the decision process. We enable developers to accelerate their business and improve project returns.


Avoid external consultants and use the information you already have to build a full business case and risk assessment


Test economic assumptions and system configurations in seconds, accelerating customer discovery


Optimize project returns and mitigate economic risks early, resulting in more positive investment decisions and increasing project margins

“We believe that a more robust understanding of value potential and risk is key to unlocking bankability & accelerating deployment of energy storage.”

Kai, CEO

The tools you need to accelerate your business case

What system capacity is right for each potential installation?

An ESS is an expensive, long-term investment. This makes it critical to right-size the energy storage system from the beginning – avoiding additional retrofitting or system over-sizing.

What are the potential risks to future revenues?

Understanding value and risk is essential to enabling bankable ESS installations. Our platform enables more robust understanding of the sensitivities and risks earlier in your decision process, enabling up-front system optimization.

What services should the system provide to maximize the value-add?

We help our customers understand what drives their cost and needs today and how an ESS can help solve this. By understanding the optimized value stack in advance, returns are not only improved but the business case itself becomes more robust.

Export actionable insights

Accelerate your decisionmaking today and enable smarter energy storage deployment. Our software and consulting services accelerate your time-to-value and enable improved returns and bankability.

The platform automatically generates reports that integrate into – and accelerate – existing workflows

Geniess helps your company launch projects of any scale

One of the core capabilities which separates Geniess from other software tools and companies is the integrated work-flow and system level configurations.

Easier decision-making
Portfolio-level prioritization & evaluation
Advanced value stack simulation
Forecasting and scenario testing
Improve project returns

The explosive growth in Energy Storage is just starting

Industrial-scale energy storage systems are a critical element of the energy transition and decarbonization of industry.

The market for Energy Storage Systems (ESS) is expected to grow to $425 billion globally by 2030.

Utility-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) installations in the US grew 196% to 2.6GW in 2021.

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